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Tips to help you to achieve your goals and cultivate self-discipline with an healthy and positive mindset.

Self-discipline definitions

  • the ability to organise our behaviour over time performing specific tasks.
  • the ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses.

When it comes to this kind of topic we have the tendency to spark the meaning of this word with a mix of naive enthusiasm, stubborn rebellion, and a sense of “should-be-doing-better” guilt. 

Self discipline is an art, a trained habit that, once achieved, will help you take your life, self development, career to new heights ( next level).

A quote that got my attention was: 
“I believe what separates the good from the great is the ability to instil discipline in everything you do”.

Self-discipline is basically a great helpful tool as It enables us to get things done. It is “the ability to think, plan and live long-range.”  It helps to build our self-esteem (actions aligned with principled goals) and clarifies our thoughts and prospectives.

Depending how and where we practice self-discipline within our lives, it leaves us healthier, more learned, more self-aware, higher performing, more satisfied, and even more.

What are the not-so-secret ingredients for it?

Smallest choices can sometimes have the biggest impact. This is what discipline is all about - a series of self discoveries that lead to a larger goal.

Let me explain my point with few examples:

Will you make that extra phone call today? 
Will you get up smiling for training at 
Will you decide on the donut or the granola without feelings of sacrifice?
Will you set your alarm taking time to meditate / go running / cook your lunch / read that book / walk the dog? 
Will you have a vodka or drink water?

Every little choice, comes down to us taking in to account what we truly want to do.

Choose goals that are aligned with your values, that can lead you towards your long-term interests and self development.

As formal dancers we grow up with discipline and I never understand why this word is often related with not-exactly-positive associations. Self-discipline has nothing to do with imposing rules and a to-do list, it is a form of freedom to take time for your self growth and discovery.
It requires commitment and a positive mindset as a foundation.
What do I mean by that?
It’s the difference between saying “I’m going to workout because I don’t want to be fat,” and “I’m going to workout because It make me feel good, energised, healthier, and I enjoy the physical aspect of it.” It’s a substantial difference as the first statement is based on what we don’t want (self-judgement). The second is rooted in the things we want and the positive outcomes we wish for our future.

Switching from negative motivation of “I’m doing this because bad things can happened“ to “I’m doing this because good things will happen“ motivation can be a tricky, but necessary to form your right mindset that will discipline and motivate you to approach things in a efficient and different way.

Creating healthy habits can be seen as non-negotiables tasks, things you commit doing every day or week, depending on your goals. Being aware of and cultivating your non-negotiable tasks is a key of self- discipline.
Few simple tips to improve self- discipline in your life:

  • Create healthy habits that are non-negotiables. Each time you discover your new way of motivating yourself with different tasks, your new pathway will get stronger.

  • Commit with positive mindset, accepting there will be days when you don’t feel like doing your tasks, and that that’s ok too. We don’t have the same motivation every day.

  • Pay attention to your internal dialogue as excuses will be at every corner. Try to recognise each excuse that can lead to ‘ don’t act’ and cause you to loose your journey.

  • Create a daily or weekly routine as an internal guideline can easily help you to keep you focus and track of where you are going.

Choose goals that are aligned with your values, that can lead you towards your long-term interests and self development.

  • As you explore your self-discipline, be gentle with yourself. Accept that you will fall off (the wagon )many times over, then pick yourself up and get back on working on it.

  • Sharing your goals with others can help with clarity and stay accountable to yourself

  • Plan regular exercise routines, it’s a keystone habit.It will affect everything in your life; it will increase your willpower and energy levels, it will teach you how to improve focus, mindset and positive thinking.

  • Optimise your diet; introduce new, or more kind of foods you know are healthy and useful for you.

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